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While I've gotten pretty damn good at converting gluten recipes to gluten free, I've neglected the creative side of me that comes up with recipes on the fly.  Ain't no time like the present to start working on that. I have crammed myself into a pretty small space.  So small that 90% of my cookbooks… Read More *snicker*


Hell has frozen over

I never believed in divorce.  I believed that marital vows were forever and you worked problems out. I didn't think I'd be "that person" in a bad marital situation. Over the last eight months, the "stable" home life I lived became utterly intolerable.  Through much soul-searching and prayer, I made a decision I never dreamed… Read More Hell has frozen over


Are you going?

The Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo is coming up….April 29th through May 1st in Lisle, Illinois.  This is a pretty cool thing to attend – over 70 gluten-free vendors will be there, some of our fave bloggers will be doing presentations, there are cooking classes…  It's a great opportunity to try before you buy! And since… Read More Are you going?


Excuse me?

I recently took my Buick Rainier in for an oil change.  I was sitting there minding my own business, playing some stupid game on my phone, when a service tech came in and pulled me off to the side.  The water pump was leaking – $100 deductible to fix thanks to my ridiculously expensive extended… Read More Excuse me?


See what I have to put up with?

OK.  We all know I'm a klutz except when I'm rocking in the kitchen. To give you some background, I almost went flat on my face about 3:30 this morning because of a dog toy.  Because that's how I roll.

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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Please stop.  Momma put a hundred thousand layers of clothes on me and I.  Don't.  Like.  It. Love, The Gidge A slighly blurred view from just inside the garage       Looks cool with the flash on, eh?   I don't like you right now, Momma.