Chai tea latte

My one daily dose of caffeine (other than the chocolate I shovel in) is in the form of a chai tea latte. Rather than spending $4 a day (or $28 a week…$112 a month….), I make my own. I even have one of those handy-dandy milk frothers now to make it a little more like a barista made it.

I actually prefer making my own because I can control the sugar content. I prefer to use honey rather than sugar.

Here’s how I do it…

1 GF chai teabag (I am using Good Earth right now)

8 oz skim milk

8 oz boiling water


Drop the teabag into a 1-cup measuring cup. Pour the boiling water over. Let steep for 5-6 minutes. When the tea is almost ready, heat the milk in the zapper (aka microwave) for about a minute and a half. When it comes out, use a handheld milk frother to make it light and foamy.

Pour the tea into a tall cup that will hold at least 16 ounces. Add honey to your taste for sweetness. When the honey is dissolved, pour the milk on top. Enjoy with a good book in the afternoon or use to keep your road rage in check on Monday mornings.
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