Two sickies in the house

Now I have a bug. It has been going around the office and I am the last to get it. Nausea, diarrhea, exhaustion… Needless to say, I stayed home from work today and will probably do the same tomorrow.

While I am miserable, I also need to make dinner for 3 tomorrow – The Man’s boss is up from New Orleans and she wanted me to join them for dinner tonight and tomorrow. However, due to my gluten-free-ness, I am not comfortable going out for dinner. I feel too crappy to go anywhere tonight, anyway.

So the game plan for tomorrow’s dinner, which I will be cooking (here’s hoping I don’t poison the boss):

Roast chicken
Parmesan risotto
Steamed green beans
Apple, cranberry and almond crumble

Baby appears to be doing much better today. At about 5:45 AM, he had 2-3 tablespoons of baby food, then at 8 AM he had a quarter of a can of wet food that I pureed in my food processor before giving it to him. At about midnight last night, I realized that he gets sick after pigging out on crunchies, so I removed all the crunchies from the house temporarily until Baby is normal again.

So he got hungry again about 1:00 and snarfed up a little more wet food. Too much, evidently. My SpotBot is getting quite the workout.

The Man has forgotten both trips home today to stop at the Feed Loft to get kitty malt. Damn it.

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