Eating a madwoman…pizza

Since going GF, I have made pizza several times. The last time, I glutened myself somehow, so I am giving myself a homemade pizza break.

About 4 PM today, The Man called to let me know he’d had a big lunch and to not make dinner. OK, then….what am I going to eat? I didn’t want leftovers from last night – the parmesan risotto was TOO parm-y for me, so it met my friend, the garbage disposal.

On the way home, I debating taking a detour to the grocery store to find something that appealed. But you know what they say about going to the grocery store when you’re hungry, so I nixed that idea and just drove home…

…and when I got there, two boxes were on the front porch waiting for me. My Natural Farms order. I had ordered several weeks ago (they are only in the area once a month) so I had forgotten what should be in the box.

Rice-almond bread…blueberry and buckwheat waffles…tomato sauce…GF salad dressings…Madwoman veggie pizzas…. PIZZAS! Little pizzas perfectly sized for one. Dinner is served!

I usually prefer a homemade pizza, but if you’re in a time crunch, need a lunch for work (they’re microwaveable), or are cooking for one tonight, these are definitely not a bad way to go. I preheated my GF toaster oven to 400, popped it in for about 12 minutes, and had dinner before my cats had cleaned their plates.

Sorry no cooked picture – I was starving. LOL

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