Today’s other craving

Calzones! The Man mentioned it yesterday, so I debated how I was going to accomplish a GF one with minimal effort. I think I succeeded.

Gluten-Free Calzone

1 recipe GF no-knead bread
Pizza sauce (either from scratch or a GF commercial version)
Fresh ball of mozzarella
Pizza toppings of choice
Parmesan cheese
Dried basil
White rice flour

Make the no-knead bread recipe about an hour before you want to make your calzone. Let it rise on the counter.

When you’re ready to start, pull out the white rice flour. Take HALF of the dough and put it into a separate bowl. Cover it and use to make bread later. Mix enough rice flour into the calzone dough to get it stiff enough to pat onto a pan. Now split it into 2 again.

Rub a thin coating of olive oil over your hands. Take half of the calzone dough and pat it onto an oiled pizza pan (make it pretty thin but not so thin that it tears or your filling will fall out the bottom of the calzone). Let it rest while you prepare your toppings. I used fresh mushrooms, green pepper, onion, and tomato, all diced.

Once you have everything chopped up, spoon a layer of pizza sauce onto the dough, leaving about a half-inch clear of sauce around the outside edge. Add your toppings; don’t go nuts or you will have a hard time covering it with the other half of the dough. Ask me how I know that. Don’t forget to top with slices of fresh mozzarella.

Take the remaining piece of dough and add even more rice flour (I think I used a total of 1/8 cup for everything) so that it will pat out and allow you to fold it over, pick it up, and drape it over the top of the filling. Do exactly that, then press the edges together to seal. If you have enough “overhang,” you can turn the edges under and pinch to make it look pretty.

Brush a light coat of olive oil on the top crust; grate some Parmesan cheese on top, then sprinkle a little basil.

Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes or until browned.

Not bad. Next time, I will add some dried herbs like basil and oregano, and maybe even some garlic, into the bread to give it some more flavor.
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