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Yesterday, I was in serious need of comfort food. You see, The Man and I got into it a bit via IM in the morning about 2 things: my time on the computer/not going anywhere and him never being home.

Ever since I stopped drinking 7 years ago or so, I haven’t been interested in going out with friends. Quite frankly, it’s just not fun for me to sit there and watch everyone else “having a good time” while I sip my glass of water. So I just stay home so I don’t have to feel out of place, a sore thumb, a red-headed stepchild. Well, my hair is red, anyway. :0)

The solution? The Man is going to check with his favorite watering hole if they can either get Sutter Home Fre or if I can bring in my own bottle. I know I would be willing to go out more if I had my own “alcohol” to drink.

I didn’t quit drinking because I was an alcoholic or anything – I quit because after a Christmas party 7 years ago, my hiatal hernia flared up so bad that I missed nearly a week of work. From that point on, if I drank more than a sip of any alcohol, it burned for 2 days. It just isn’t worth the pain – kinda like being gluten free!

So we worked it out. And I made a comforting dinner to celebrate. I am already regretting the lack of vegetables, but I will rectify that at lunch today.

Simple Cornish Hens

2 Cornish hens, cleaned
Sea Salt
Fresh ground black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet. Remove the giblets from the hens and then rinse well. Pat dry. Using shears, cut the backbone out of the hens so that you can lay them flat. Sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper; place skin-side down in the skillet. Brown both sides, then place in a roasting pan and put in the oven. Bake until the juices run clear when you pierce the birds with a knife, about 30 minutes.
We had ours with my favorite risotto. Well, without the spinach.
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3 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. I always find your stories absolutely entertaining. I don’t go out drinking or anything either, and haven’t in many years. I just don’t get into it like I may have in college times.

    The comfort food looks excellent by the way!

  2. The Man hates Cornish hens if I leave them in their natural form – he can’t figure out how to eat it! So I bet this one becomes a staple in the house.

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