A different Oskri bar

First of all, Old Man Winter is playing with us Midwesterners yet again. Yesterday, 45-50 degrees and rain; today, really windy, cold, and snow. I blow raspberries at you, Old Man Winter!

One of the things I got with my latest FHC/Natural Farms order was a different Oskri bar – this time a granola bar. If you like granola and nuts, you will probably like this. I certainly did. I am checking to see if all of the Oskri bars are both gluten free and lactose free, like this one and the coconut cherry ones I already mentioned.

It’s made up of:

Pecans 25%
Rice syrup 22%
Raisins 13%
Pumpkin seeds 12%
Honey 10%
Buckwheat 10%
Amaranth 4%
Crisp rice 4%

Soft, chewy and crunchy all at the same time. I ate 2 of them at work yesterday.

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1 thought on “A different Oskri bar

  1. I haven’t tried the granola bar yet, but I definitely will now. I HEART the coconut cherry one! Thanks.

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