A new day

Tonight, there will be a combination taste test/new recipe.

Last night, my intention was to make said recipe after doing a little grocery shopping (I bribed The Man with Easter candy while at the store since I needed to get cat litter and sure as hell can’t lift it right now). However, I got home and unpacked the goodies, crawled into a hot tub, and then flopped onto my bed with a bag of chips and a handful of Jelly Bellys, rotting my brain (well, not really) with a playing of Celtic Woman on PBS while I elevated my legs and whimpered in pain.

But now it’s a new day.

Imagine my excitement yesterday when I spotted something I have been wanting to try while roaming the liquor section of the store. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – the latest in a small line-up of gluten-free beers – Redbridge. I actually yelled for The Man at the top of my lungs and pointed to it on the shelves, babbling, “They have it they have it they have it…”

But now it’s a new day. I have re-collected my few wits.

Well, maybe not, since I seem to have reaffirmed my agreement to a new addition to the zoo. I better get me some doggie books and figure out how to potty train a puppy, since it looks like in the next month or so (they are only a week old right now), there will FINALLY be another female in the house. It better be a female or The Man will be hurting in bad places. And we all know who will end up taking care of the dog, so I get to pick, damn it.

He brought home pictures last night and that pretty much clinched it for me. Mom is a Shitsu mix and Dad is a Papillon. This will be a teeny weeny dog.

Anyway, food stuff to come after work. For now, I need to get my keister in gear and get ready for work.

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