Little man

My little sweet pea, Sylvester, is currently ensconced in a cage at the local vet. He’s been a little off the last couple of days, but that’s not unusual with the recent heat. He tends to lay around when it’s really hot.

Every other day of his existence in our home, he has run up and squeaked like crazy as soon as he figured out that the feeding is about to commence. This morning, there was no sign of him. The Man found him under our bed, so he got him out and put him up by the food dishes.

He laid down.

I picked him up, realized that he was drooling. I put him back down on all 4 paws, realized he was shaking.

So he’s at the vet. They wanted to sedate him to figure out what’s going on in his mouth since he’s got his jaw clenched so tight we couldn’t get his mouth open. We did X-rays first, but they didn’t show anything wrong. The vet palpated every inch of his body and didn’t feel anything unusual, so we’re hoping that whatever it is is simple and easily fixed.

Really hoping, since we’re already up to a $400 tab. When you’re down to one income, every extra expense hurts like hell.

So pray for my little man, that he’s done something stupid like try to eat a toothpick, so his momma can breathe again. My animals are my children, and knowing that my baby is sick is killing me.

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2 thoughts on “Little man

  1. Best of luck with your baby. Mine, a gerbil, is laid up with a broken arm! Oh, how it hurts to see your baby in pain. Although a cast on a gerbil is kinda funny.

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