While making the filling for some truffles I am trying, I hear a faint rustling sound.  My head tilts toward the left…toward the living room.  I hear the noise again, just barely.

Stealthy, I creep on tiptoe into the living room and stare at the tree.  It wobbles ever so gently as I quietly pick up the camera, muffling the start-up noise in my robe when it turns on.  As I move closer, I see this hanging from the bottom of the tree.


This particular hairdropper hasn’t allowed himself to be photographed in this position in years.  I figured I had better take advantage.


Sure must be warm in there – Baby remained in this spot for over an hour.


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1 thought on “Naptime?

  1. This is the reason I can’t have a tree in my apartment. My cat is crazy sometimes and would shimmy his way up it and lay on the top, likely tipping the whole thing onto my TV. Silly beasts.

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