It all started with a broken fingernail…

Since the middle of January, I have been seriously involved in the planning and implementation of a kitchen makeover.  I’ve finally got the “new” room finished to the point that I am willing to share it 🙂

It all started on a Wednesday afternoon in early January, while doing my big cook for the boss.  I stuck my fingertips into the groove under the cabinet above my microwave to pop it open…  And snapped the fingernail of my middle finger on my left hand, way down where a nail should NEVER be snapped (because holy sweet mother of God, it hurts).  I should make mention of the fact that this was the third nail I had broken this way in 2 weeks.

That was it.  I knew I would be receiving a settlement soon and had planned on putting laminate flooring down, but the broken fingernail was the final straw.

I never thought I would be the type to play with cabinet knobs and pulls, feeling the weight of each in my hand, testing smoothness.  But I did.  For weeks.  Until I finally found some I really liked that were not priced over the moon.  I found me one of those handy-dandy guides to assist in perfect placement of each knob and pull (not that it played out that way-perfect, I mean).

After I had those on, I looked around my kitchen.  Stainless steel KitchenAid appliances…with a white range hood.  Yick.  So added to the plan with the laminate was a new range hood.  Then I started thinking about sinks.  And faucets.  Being the good displaced Wisconsinite that I am, I naturally chose a Kohler sink and faucet – in stainless steel.

Let’s just say that I ended up going a bit more…shall we say OVERBOARD?…than I had intended.  But I can’t tell you how much a pleasure it is to cook, sit, play with a hairdropper…in a kitchen that actually looks put together.  I haven’t had that since I was still living with the parental figures.  I kept my valances and drapes because (1) I like daisies and (2) Mommy made them for me (LOL).

I should also probably tell you, as I did The Man, that if I.  EVER.  MENTION.  REDOING.  ANOTHER.  ROOM.  IN.  THE.  NEXT.  FIVE.  YEARS.  SOMEONE.  SLAP.  ME.  UP.

Except hard-plumbing the dishwasher, replacing the sink/faucet/range hood, and laying the floor, I did everything myself (with the occasional assistance of 2 friends-thanks to “2 chicks with a chainsaw” [they know who they are]).

So here’s the before.  I lived with this exact placement (except the countertop stuff because I was always moving that shit around to compensate for hating my cooking space) for the last five years.  The first shot is of the kitchen, taken from behind the dining room table.  The second is the dining room, taken from the back door.




<shuddering again>

It’s amazing what a slightly different shade of color can do.  And some other shit, too.  I really, really, really wanted to get two of the blue ostrich 20×72 Gel Pro mats, but I ran out of money.  So I’m stuck with two cheapie rinky-dink foam jobs from Walmart.

The unveiling:



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4 thoughts on “It all started with a broken fingernail…

  1. Hi Sheri,
    Love your blog and the hair droppers! I have been catless for a while now and still undecided about another.
    FABULOUS kitchen makeover! Sorry it was such a royal pain but you know it was worth it. I’m a fan of yellow in the kitchen-dining area myself. It makes a sunny place to retreat on cold days and baking is the best way to stay warm.
    I haven’t been blogging very long and have lots of technical difficulties so hopefully my blog trauma will turn out as well as your lovely room. PS – love the daisies also!
    Rita’s Mom

  2. Rita:

    It does look fabulous, and it’s amazing how much character new knobs or pulls can give. I replaced every knob and pull for cubboards and closet doors within a month of moving into my current home. Oh, and all the switch plates – yes I’m crazy that way. But I felt it helped put my stamp on the house.

    Regarding the curtains (sorry Rita’s Mom), it’s a shame to cover those windows with the woodwork and built-in blinds. Having the curtains open just makes the room pop. Perhaps you can convert them into a valance to keep the tie with the picture, other door and chair pads? Apologies in advance if I’ve over stepped my bounds.

    1. Actually, you’re not overstepping your bounds. Everyone has their own tastes 🙂 I covered the top of the drapes with a homemade cornice because I hated staring at that rod and I can’t find that fabric anymore. It was the lesser of 2 evils. And I hate mini-blinds, so they will never cover that window.

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