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All right, already

You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good. I’ve had eleventy billion emails from various people, wondering where the heck I am, what the heck I’m doing, and most importantly, why I haven’t posted any recipes or snarky stories.  Well, I made a trip north to see the parental figures, sibling, sibling-in-law… Read More All right, already

Breads, BS

Crusty, yet oh so soft

This past February, you may recall, I did a quick update in my kitchen and dining room.  Laminate flooring, fresh paint, storage cabinets in the dining room, hard-plumbing of my portable dishwasher, new sink and faucet.  The kitchen was in a shambles for over three weeks that go-round.  I couldn’t do much cooking during the… Read More Crusty, yet oh so soft

Breads, Breakfast

Gingerbread, anyone?

Well, not really. This is better.  This is breakfast food. I really adore gingerbread.  It’s got all those delicious fall spices all wrapped up in a moist cake home.  I can’t remember the last time I made some, much less ate a piece.  Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the numerous chiropractor visits in my recent… Read More Gingerbread, anyone?

Breads, Breakfast, BS

Busy as a bee

Holy moses, have I had stuff going. Lots of cooking, planting, weed and feeding, cleaning, caulking of bathtubs, a family visit, The Man being an idiot…. I am (thankfully) on vacation from work this week. I am trying to cram as much as possible into these next few days as we need to start working… Read More Busy as a bee