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Catching up

Rather busy recently. 1. I had a huge project going on at work. It’s not over yet, either, but the bare bones are in place so the hard part is over. Thank goodness. 2. Puppy shopping. And I thought the cats were spoiled! The Man and I had so much fun on Friday afternoon, wandering… Read More Catching up


Peanut blossoms

Using Shauna’s peanut butter cookie recipe here. At 8 minutes, take the cookies out and stick a kiss in the top. Return to the oven for 2 minutes. Are Hershey’s Kisses GF? I used to love these cookies. In hopes that they are, I did a GF peanut butter cookie LOL I can’t find anything… Read More Peanut blossoms


Chai tea latte

My one daily dose of caffeine (other than the chocolate I shovel in) is in the form of a chai tea latte. Rather than spending $4 a day (or $28 a week…$112 a month….), I make my own. I even have one of those handy-dandy milk frothers now to make it a little more like… Read More Chai tea latte


Mmm…Apple Butter

The Man came home at 3:30 AM and woke me up, so here I am.One of my fondest childhood memories is being pretty young (this was a yearly thing at my parents’ house) and smelling the apple butter cooking on the stove. My mother canned everything…applesauce with big chunks, apple butter, jellies, jams, veggies, soup,… Read More Mmm…Apple Butter