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A natural pairing

Peanut butter and chocolate go together like…well, peanut butter and chocolate! This past Sunday, I had two helpers in the kitchen; we made a revamped (and much better, in my opinion) version of my temptation cupcakes (check this post for the changes) and adapted another recipe from the family cookbook. Both recipes turned out excellent,… Read More A natural pairing



Now that I have the new site close to where I want it (note the nasty-looking banner – it looks great everywhere but where it’s meant to be parked), I can work backward and fill you in on what’s been occurring around here. I have 2 recipes that are as close to ready for posting… Read More Preparing

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Calling my name

Edited 5.29.08 – made a few revisions to the recipe that lighten the cupcake considerably. Temptation can be a terrible thing. Yesterday, I baked cream cheese and gluten-filled chocolate cupcakes for one of the people I cook for. The smell that filled this house was amazing; I couldn’t even get away from it outside. When… Read More Calling my name

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Everyone has addictions, whether they want to admit it or not. Right? Mine are actually quite simple. Though some of them have been known to keep me away from this site – by the time I realize I had intended to post, the addiction has locked me in its tight-fisted grip on my hair, preventing… Read More Addiction


A girl’s best friend

Who needs diamonds when there’s CHOCOLATE? Not me, that’s for sure. I will admit to having a few of them, but when it comes to jewelry, I am a colored-stone girl. But back to the chocolate. I made a double batch of these, chopped them up, wrapped them, and stuck them in the freezer. Seeing… Read More A girl’s best friend