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Calling my name

Edited 5.29.08 – made a few revisions to the recipe that lighten the cupcake considerably. Temptation can be a terrible thing. Yesterday, I baked cream cheese and gluten-filled chocolate cupcakes for one of the people I cook for. The smell that filled this house was amazing; I couldn’t even get away from it outside. When… Read More Calling my name

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Every time I think about the word “tradition,” I hear the cast of Fiddler on the Roof singing in the background. My first New Year’s Day in Illinois was spent with The Man and two loaves of pizza bread, with which we used to make, well, pizza bread. He’d watch football and I would either… Read More Tradition

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How is it possible that I am thinking of things to post about every day while Just Not Dinner was not in existence, which drove me nuts, and then since the day it came back, I haven’t posted squat! Very mysterious. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, or recipes to post. The… Read More Mysterious

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For the GF cookie tray: surprise package cookies

While I used to enjoy these cookies each Christmas season, they were more important to The Man and The Stepson. I skipped making them last year because of the whole unfamiliar-with-gluten-free-flours thing, but I decided that since I have had other cookie successes, I could slam-dunk this one. And I did. Gluten-eating taste-testers gave these… Read More For the GF cookie tray: surprise package cookies