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Crusty, yet oh so soft

This past February, you may recall, I did a quick update in my kitchen and dining room.  Laminate flooring, fresh paint, storage cabinets in the dining room, hard-plumbing of my portable dishwasher, new sink and faucet.  The kitchen was in a shambles for over three weeks that go-round.  I couldn’t do much cooking during the… Read More Crusty, yet oh so soft



It seems to be the day for the hairdroppers to do cute stuff when the camera is close by. This time, it’s The Gidge, who often sits in this same spot, in this same position, for 15 minutes at a time.  Stone still.  No wobbling. She likes squirrels.  She wants to play with them.  This… Read More Patience



While making the filling for some truffles I am trying, I hear a faint rustling sound.  My head tilts toward the left…toward the living room.  I hear the noise again, just barely. Stealthy, I creep on tiptoe into the living room and stare at the tree.  It wobbles ever so gently as I quietly pick… Read More Naptime?